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Established since 1987, PD SAGITA is an independent family Stainless Steel Kitchen and Banquet equipment manufacturer. With almost 30 YEARS of experience in the industry, we PD SAGITA are proud of our extensive expertise and knowledge.

Our clientele range a span of industries:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Mining Company
  • Club
  • Others

Thanks to support from our clients and referrals, we have rapidly gained traction in the local market. In order to provide a better service to our customers, the Management Team decided to establish a permanent workshop building in 1990. This strategy has enabled us to maximize the output of our production capacity.

Products Range

Banquet Items

  • Banquet Stalls/Buffet Stalls
  • Nesting Tables/Hi-lo Banquet Tables/Cocktail Tables/Folding Tables
  • Mobile Bar, Podium, Stage, Partition
  • Jack Tray/Luggage Tray/Signage

ST. Steel

  • Various Trolley series
  • Kitchen Equipment

Linen Items

  • Cover Chair/Table cloth/Skirting